Who is CrossFit Coogee designed for?

CrossFit Coogee 2034 is inclusive of all fitness levels and abilities, offering a variety of group classes for everyone from kids to high performance athletes. We cater to people who want to become fitter and stronger and to those looking for a challenge or to learn a new skill. We coach a wide variety of people from all different fitness and training backgrounds so you don’t have to be ‘fit’ to start training with us.


We provide excellence in the following:

Strength and Conditioning training


Olympic weight lifting

Cardio endurance



Personal Training programs


Our facilities

We have a professional indoor gym located in the heart of Coogee. The facility includes all the latest equipment specific to CrossFit. Our outdoor bootcamp is located on Coogee Beach where sessions utilise equipment such as kettlebells, battle ropes and body harnesses to keep things interesting and test your outdoor abilities. We also conduct our boxing classes on Goldstein Reserve park, with all necessary gear and equipment provided.


Something for everyone

Thanks to our extensive timetable, CrossFit Coogee provides a variety of different classes to ensure you find a program and a community to suit your goals.

We also provide nutrition plans, fitness challenges, competitions, health and lifestyle education seminars with a holistic approach to fitness and healthy living.


Start now!

If you are looking for a fun, friendly and results driven community of people to help you achieve your health and fitness goals in Sydney, CrossFit Coogee 2034 is the place for you.

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